Crochet A Square

SGS Spring Blanket 



We invite you to join our amazing new Project.

Making Over Cancer, One person at a time.
Our Goal : To assemble a Blanket of Love for an online Draw...  Our ongoing Fundraiser!

In order to facilitate the makeovers SGS is beginning an exciting new venture.

We are asking individuals to join us in making 6" crochet squares with a flower in the center and a white border.  You may use your favorite pattern or choose from ones that will be displayed here.

Once we have received over 100 squares we will ask our trusty stitchers to attach these offers of your time and love into a beautiful blanket.  Or..... you or your group can join them yourselves. The blanket will be put on an online Raffle. Each patch participant will be given a spot in the raffle.

 How to Participate:
 A.  Send your Square(s) to one of our Administrators for the Global Blanket  
 B.  Form your own Blanket of Love Group and make an afghan for Auction.
 C.  Ask your family and friends to help you donate squares.
 D.  Challenge a social or church, temple, mosque, teen, 4- H group to help   

Details on the fundraisers will be forthcoming so up you can tell all your family and friends how to get in on the excitement and possibly win a beautiful Blanket of Love made by hundreds of hands from around the World.  


The particulars:      6" crochet square. Flower in center. White final row.

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