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 Proceeds from community events ranging from golf and bowling events, baseball and softball tournaments, dance-a-thons, fashion shows, art exhibits, craft and bake sales, etc.  help to support Survivor GlamSquad's mission to give women and men the optimism and support needed during cancer by providing individualized services.


  • Any group, organization or individual organizing a Community Event with proceeds going to the Survivor Glam Squad will first complete and submit a Community Event Agreement Application to SGS for review and approval.

  • All promotional and publicity materials are to indicate if a portion of or all the proceeds will be going to Survivor Glam Squad.  If applicable, expenses are covered by the Community Event organization/organizer.

  • Survivor Glam Squad will review the agreement application to insure the Community Event is non-controversial and provides a favorable community image to help advance the SGS's mission.

  • All promotional and publicity material to include the Survivor Glam Squad name and logo such as press releases, mailings, brochures and banners related to the Community Event must be submitted to SGS for approval prior to distributing or promotion of the event.  

  • It is the responsibility of the Community Event organizer(s) to secure applicable raffle permits, special licenses and all insurance certificates that may be required for the event by local law.  Door-to-door solicitations are not authorized by Survivor Glam Squad.

  • The Community organizer(s) are responsible for all ticket/event sales or any other administrative aspects of the Community Event, including but not limited to accounting, financing, and the IRS nonprofit charitable deductions.

  • The Community organizer(s) agree to hold harmless Survivor Glam Squad, its board of directors, officers, employees, volunteers, licensors and suppliers from all claims, punitive or consequential damage (including without limitation any loss of profits, lost savings, or loss of data) arising out of or related to the Community organizer(s) and the Community Event.

  • The proceeds of the Community Event are to be submitted to Survivor Glam Squad within 30 days of the event date.